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With so much concern that I have about COVID-19, I am giving my full attention to help. I do what I do, to give help to you and everyone else. We're all in this together!

COVID is like a hurricane — it will kill anyone in the way. It has broken many family's hearts. The ones that have it, and had it, suffered with it. I lost two sisters just 7 days apart, one with COVID-19 — and there are stories in the news everyday about death due to this deadly virus. It doesn't discriminate!

How big is this problem? GLOBAL

How big must the solution be? GLOBAL

Open your hands and you can receive.


Many people know about me through my career. I'm a widow, mother, and grandparent. I am the inventor of Money Laundry Machine. I worked as a school bus driver, spent time in the medical field, and still volunteer as a missionary. These roles that I am committed to are not as easy as they sound, but these responsibilities require my whole heart, and there has not been a day where I have not given my all. My parents always said "nothing can go into a closed fist, open your hand and you will receive." 

This deadly creepy virus can be under control. I have created a device that can help control the spread. 

Money Laundry Machine will sanitize, clean and make fresh your bills, credit cards, and coins. When you purchase this machine for your business you are contributing with great effort to stop the spread of the Coronavirus. 

Your business will be more frequent and your employees will feel safer, and demonstrate their appreciation through their work performance. I do have many other inventions, however this pandemic takes priority. This virus has snatched many lives so suddenly, and left us broken hearted.

Contact your public officials. Let businesses know what you've learned. Ask them to support the need. Purchase it for your home. Remember, we are all in this together. Let's open the world back up! If not, we will continue to practice social distancing, masking who we really are, even in our own homes. 

Because of sentimental connections to the listed charities, my heart is captured to assist. Will you arise to the call when you hear it? 


  2. Ronald McDonald House

  3. Children's Hospital

  4. Shriners Burn Institution

  5. Diabetes research

  6. Veterans experiencing homelessness

  7. Mental health programs

  8. Cancer research

  9. Food banks

  10. Kidney research

  11. School funding for low income areas


Please remember we’re ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!


Made in the USA, keeping people here working.


Beverly Tinsley: Inventor

Founder, Creative Minds at Work


Stephen Kapuscinski

President, Allegra Marketing Print Mail / Image360 Signs.

6839 Ashfield Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45242  513-554-1797


Stephen Jenei

Patent Attorney, Jenei Business and Law,
8044 Montgomery Road, Suite 700, Cincinnati, OH 45236  513-280-8858


Adam Polasek

CEO Razor Technologies, LLC

which focuses on Software Engineering and Business Lending  803-422-5161


John Eric Voltin, MsMe

Mechanical Engineer, Agile Technology Inc.  512-633-0394

Hello, I'm Beverly Tinsley

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